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This set of 8 custom cut, high temp gels are made to wrap over top of the bulb of both your Godox AD360 and AD200 / Flashpoint Streaklight 360 and eVOLV 200 strobes and are held on by a high temp band. These gels allow you to retain full and normal use of all of your modifiers*. Its a simple effective setup that is quick to put on and take off, and stores perfectly flat when not in use for easy storage in your bag!

Product Info

●   Each gel kit includes 8 gels and 2 high temp bands

●   Fits BOTH the Godox AD360 and AD200 / Flashpoint Streaklight and eVOLV 200 strobes

●   Creative color kits come in the following vibrant colors:

o   red

o   orange

o   yellow

o   green

o   teal

o   blue

o   purple

o   magenta

●   Gels curve around bulb for great coverage when in use, but also lay flat when packed in your bag, making them easy to bring along because they  don’t take up any space or weigh anything

●   High temp gel and band are rated for much higher temps than they will ever be exposed to so there’s no worry about melting


Install and Fitment

●   Installs on bulb quickly, just lay gel over top of bulb and pop a rubber band over it, adjust the gel to straighten it and you’re ready to shoot

●    Precision cut for great fitment with rounded corners to avoid issues with gels tearing

●    Gels can be used along with any modifier without interfering with fitment (*except the Godox AD-S2 and AD-S17 modifiers)

●    Fits BOTH the AD200 and AD360 strobes, available from the following companies:

       o   Godox AD200 and AD360

       o   Flashpoint eVOLV 200 and Streaklight 360

       o   Cheetahstand CL-200X and CL-360X

       o   Strobepro X200

       o   Neewer AD-360

       o   MoLight AD200 and AD360

       o   Quadralite Reporter 360

Why and How To Use Gels

●   Why use gels? To control the color of your strobe lighting for two main reasons:

o   Color Correction:  to match the color of the ambient light for a natural look

o   Creative Color: to add vibrant creative colors that stand out to enhance your photos

●   Effects of Color Correction and Creative Color gels

o   Green gels help match fluorescent ambient  lighting

o   CTO (orange) gels help match tungsten ambient lighting

o   CTS (straw) gels help warm up the subject to match sunrise/sunset golden hour

o   CTB (blue) gels help match to outdoor shade ambient lighting, and can also be used with a specific technique to warm up your background to imitate beautiful golden hour light

o   Creative Colors (any color you can imagine—its your art!) can be used as main lights, rim lights, backdrop lights, and more to add splashes of color to your photos in a more stylized way. 

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Creative Color Gel Kit for Godox AD360 and AD200 / Flashpoint Streaklight and eVOLV Strobe

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